Rony - HD B1

* selected for belgianchampionship cat1, title of belgian champion stole by judges not fair ( see the video )
* 3rd at Belgian championship nvbk cat.2 2013 and BEST FCI dog
* Provincial Vice champion Oost-vlaanderen 2013
* 6th at Belgian championship nvbk cat.3 2012 and BEST FCI dog


FCI Pedigree : ICI

- Rony comes from your kennels, it's a social dog, very well-balance with a full grip.

- Rony admits to the losh at the Eurodogshow at Courtrai.

- Rony gets the Belgium sociability test in January 2011.

- Rony gets mention GOOD in show.

- Rony 's official x-ray HD B1.

Season 2014 - NVBK Cat.1

Rony at Belgian champioship

Rony at Heusden ..... 1st place

Rony - 4th place Nijlen

Rony - 2nd place Hulshout

Rony at Dilsen....... 4th place

Rony at Zelzate ..... 2nd place

Rony at Meerhout

Season 2013 - NVBK Cat.2

Rony at Belgian championship

Rony at Provincial championship

Rony at Anderlecht

Rony at Lessine

Rony at Holsbeek

Season 2012 - NVBK Cat.3

Rony at Belgian Championship

Rony at Anderlecht

Rony at Hever

Rony at Wilrijk

Rony at Kessel-lo

Rony at Lummen

Rony 's first trial at Paal

Rony in training at Olen before trial season

Rony action video at 20 months